Get your contracts checked by a lawyer!

by Aug 12, 2017

Why getting a contract checked by a lawyer can save you thousands!

Today I wanted to share a quick thing with you about checking your contracts.

We’ve got a client selling an aspect of their business. They’re selling it for $230,000. So what they’re selling is not their company, they’re selling the assets of the company. Now, they came to us and said, “Is this something I should get checked by a lawyer?”

Well, it’s worth $230,000 to you. Do you want to keep that money? Do you want to protect it? Do you want to make sure the transaction goes through and you get the money? It’s going to cost them around $1,500 to get us to review the contract, check that it’s all right, suggest changes, highlight risks and protect their interests.

Do you reckon that’s worth $230,000? 

How can Onyx Legal help you?

For any agreement you want to go into that involves more money than you can afford to lose, talk to one of our team so we can prepare or run through the contract for you to help you to protect your interests and hang on to your hard earned money.