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Working with Jeanette Jifkins from OnyxOnlineLaw is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I was referred to her from someone I held in very high regard and I have never looked back. After having an online business for almost 10 years, she’s been able to create legal documents for me, for numerous companies in such a professional manner. She always offers incredible support and guidance when dealing with legal matters that makes you feel comfortable and at ease when dealing with incredibly difficult situations.


Director, The Fitness Entourage

I was really happy with the advice provided by Debbie. She answered all my questions thoroughly and helped me better understand the different options I have for bringing on investors into my business. Will definitely recommend her to others


From my perspective the service you provided was great - I really appreciate the quick and efficient manner in which the contract was written.


I love how it is formatted and worded and I think it fits who we are as a business and people.


Director, Vesanique Design

Thankyou Jeanette for that full explanation. I absolutely love it when someone fully explains topics as you have just done.

Michael Erbacher


Your service as usual was efficient and exactly what we required.

Andrew Crawford


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