Careers at Onyx Legal

Thank you for your interest in a career with Onyx Legal. While we are not currently employing, we are always interested in hearing from people who get us, and who may benefit from the opportunities we have on offer in the future.

Onyx Legal is a boutique corporate and commercial law firm focused on supporting and assisting small business owners. 


Our Services

We provide customised, affordable support in the following areas.


Privacy Policies and Data Protection


Business Contracts / Legal Documents

Terms of Service

Wills & Estates

Trademarks & Copyright

Business Structures


Do you need to have top university results to apply?

No. We are more impressed with a background in small business ownership or management than we are in academic results. We want you to be able to give practical and considered advice to clients.

What software do you use for time recording?

Most of our services are delivered as fixed fee services, so there isn’t a high demand for recording time. When we do need to record time, we use a service call TimeCamp which is integrated with your calendar and email and can automatically record tasks.

What kind of budget will I have to meet?

We have a minimum expectation of 3 x your cost of employment. You are expected to meet or exceed that budget together with contributing to activities such as writing articles for our website, preparing standard operating procedures, delivering and participating in CPD, networking and looking for areas of continuous improvement.

What legal software do you use?

We run a paperless and cloud based business using a project management system called Insightly, which integrates with Google Workspace. It was cloud based before any of the common legal providers worked out how to do that.

Do you offer flexible working arrangements?

It is important to us that your worklife supports your lifestyle and not the other way around. We have the capacity for wholly remote working, part time work, and a mixture of both. At present we have a mixture of wholly remote and in-office workers, with the aim that everyone works from home on a Friday. Provided we have enough hands on deck to keep getting the work out the door, we are also happy for you to take unpaid leave in addition to your annual leave and spend more time with your family.

What happens if there is a problem with my kids?

The beauty of a commercial practice is that it isn’t always important to complete the work in business hours. If there is an issue with children (forgotten lunch/ uniform/ shoes/ assignments or accidents/ illness etc) then we understand that you aren’t going to be focused on what you are doing until after you’ve had the opportunity to sort that out. The same applies to anyone who is a carer, whomever it is they are caring for. Go, do. You are an adult. Get the work done that you need to do when you can do it in a focused way.

What do you pay?

Let’s be frank, we can’t compete with city firms on wages. We can offer flexibility and a place where you enjoy coming to work (even if that means staying at home). If you are interested in business development we can also discuss how you can be paid as a percentage of what you bring in rather than a fixed wage, or in addition to a base wage. We’re happy to have a conversation to find out what might be mutually suitable.

What if I have been out of the workforce for a while?

We’re interested! In commercial services, your practical experience (even raising kids) outside legal practice can help you to craft more well rounded and helpful advice for our clients, as well as being able to relate to the circumstances they are facing. Everyone has challenges and our clients appreciate it when we remember they are people too, not just business people.

How tech savvy do I need to be?

We operate cloud-based and paperless, so you need to be able to get a pretty good understanding of our systems fairly quickly to be an effective team member. We do have a library of standard operating procedures, so there are lots of ‘how to’ guides to refer to, but equally, it is important that you ask for support if you can’t work something out.

What kind of things have stopped you employing people in the past?
  • Negative attitude. If you were sacked or unsuccessful at something, so what, it happens. If you blame everyone else for that happening then we assume you have zero insight and we don’t want you in our team.
  • Lack of respect. We are not here to pay you to learn how to run a successful law firm. If you have an interest in running your own business in the future, let us know. There may be opportunties for you here.
  • Arrogance. We expect you to be able to relate to our clients as people, not just clients. On the whole, they have zero tolerance for being talked down at, so do we.
What kind of things have impressed you in candidates in the past?
  • Quiet competence. It is quite stunning to employ someone who does not need to be told something twice and constantly applies their new learnings and builds on their experience as if that is just what everyone does. We love to see you develop and succeed.
  • Self awareness. None of us are perfect. Owning your own failings and acknowledging and building on your strengths are qualities we admire. Our team meetings include discussions around personal challenges, development and successes as well as workflows.
  • Problem solving – If you make a mistake, own it, find the solution and move on. If a client presents a scenario you don’t know how to address, brainstorm it with the team. We are interested in people who can look for the way forward rather than being stopped by an issue.

If you’ve got some questions we haven’t answered, let us know – email principal@onyx.legal

Why Work with Us?

We want to give our clients peace of mind. It is thrilling for us to have a client say they can sleep at night, or we’ve made things simple, or taken a weight off their shoulders. That is what we are here to do.

In general terms, we value being:

Approachable – Down to Earth, plain English, responsive and easy to deal with.

Empathetic – Understanding others and their needs. We mean what we say.

Practical – Delivering useful advice with a commercially relevant application of the law, and a focus on what works.

Innovative – Being open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

What is our recruitment process?

We’d like a copy of your CV and some information about your experience, as well as at least two referrees. To find out if you might be a fit, we’ll probably invite you to an initial 15min video call and ask you to answer these three questions, or something similar:

  • What are your 3 strongest attributes?
  • Why are you suited to work with us?
  • What has been your biggest mistake?

If you are shortlisted after that initial conversation, we will send you a skills assignment where we ask you to provide an advice in response to a scenario, in under two pages. You’ll probably only have 48 hours to get that back to us, so be prepared. Yes, meeting out timeframes is part of the process. If we are happy with how you’ve put together your advice, we will invite you to meet some of the team in an interview and we make a decision from there.

How to Get in Touch:

If you believe you have the attitude, skills and qualifications that would benefit Onyx Legal in the future, we encourage you to reach out to us. Please send your CV and a cover letter telling us about yourself and how you believe you could contribute to our firm to careers@onyx.legal

While we may not have immediate openings, we will consider all submissions and keep them on file for future reference. If a suitable position becomes available, and we believe you would be a strong fit, we will reach out to you.

Thank you for considering a career with Onyx Legal. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring potential opportunities to work together in the future.