Case Studies

Contracts for Software Developers
Case Study 1

Case Study 1


Client: Software developer

Problem solved: Managing client demand for copyright ownership

As a software developer working with industry, your biggest challenge is probably explaining to your clients why you can’t hand over all the copyright in the software you’ve created for them. Clients don’t often understand open source code and the value of the code library you’ve painstakingly built over years. It’s a pain having to argue back and forth about whether or not a contract will go ahead based on your client’s limited understanding. The client just wants complete ownership in what they think they are buying.



What if we could make that easy and avoid the delays and difficult discussions?

We’ve worked with a lot of software developers to simplify and streamline the language of their development contracts to make it easier for everyone involved to understand what is being created, purchased and delivered to avoid the frustration of having to jump multiple hurdles before sign-off. We do this by looking through any existing terms you have, some recent proposals you’ve put together, finding out your biggest blocks and concerns, and then preparing a new development contract that ticks all the legal issues and speaks to your clients in plain language.


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