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Case Study 1


Client: Directory and service provider

Problem solved: Simplify terms and conditions

As a creative person wanting to launch an MVP (minimum viable product) as quickly as possible to test the market, it might be tempting to trawl the Internet to find other terms and conditions you think might be suitable and cobble them together for your own website. We have clients who do this from time to time. One of our clients who is a very successful online service provider came to us with their new concept and provided draft terms and conditions (copied, pasted and collated from the web) for us to review.



What the client had created was Frankenstein terms and conditions which were unnecessarily long and contained references to law that was not applicable, lots of repetition, and terms that contradicted each other.  We started again and created a streamlined set of succinct terms and conditions covering all the offerings available through the new website.


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Case Study 2


Client: State-wide sporting association

Problem solved: Terms and conditions for updated website

Sporting organisations do so much for community development and the bigger the community, the more variety in types of engagement there can be with members. We have been privileged to work with some of the larger sporting associations around the country.

Our client came to us with a collection of different systems, legacy and new, to be incorporated in a website upgrade.


We were able to work with the client to identify all the different services to be offered, and through which systems, as well as the different relationships and obligations created. We worked closely with the client throughout development of their new online services to identify the different offerings they were making and to create a small library of relevant terms and conditions and privacy statements to cover all their systems and offerings.

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