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Case Study 1


Client: Web Developer

Problem: Endless revisions!

As a web or app developer you probably have encountered the problem of clients who want endless revisions,  or clients who get upset when the five page standard website they paid for doesn’t meet their big budget HD bells and whistles website they had in their heads, or clients who see the final product just before launch and change their mind and expect you to start again at no extra cost.

Managing expectations is one of the biggest challenges when doing creative work, and you do need to be clear on what is included and what is definitely not included for the price.


After helping one of our web dev clients extract themselves from a customer who wanted a complete new design just before launch, and threatened to sue if they didn’t receive it (we negotiated for the client and the customer walked away, forfeiting their deposit with no further action), we helped them by preparing new terms of service. Their first new customer after using the terms of service we drafted, commented how professional and easy to follow their contract was. Good result all around.


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Case Study 2


Client: App developer

Problem: No content or approval

Do you have clients who say they have all the content in the world, but never give it to you? Or say they want to approve everything before the site goes live, but never respond to your requests for approval?

We’ve helped loads of clients manage the expectations of difficult customers after they’ve started projects, then helped them put together very clear and direct terms of service that enable them to sack a client who doesn’t hand over content and still get paid.


We’ve created terms and conditions for our clients that give them the option of ending projects while still covering their costs, where their customers are slow to provide feedback or content. There are a variety of mechanisms we can build in to contracts that enable you, as a developer, to continue and complete work where a client simply doesn’t respond to approvals, or to end a contract with a client when you can get them to give you the content you need to proceed. This streamlines your services and reduces the stress of having to constantly chase customers.

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