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Our team are dedicated lawyers who have many years experience as business owners themselves.
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Why Choose Onyx Legal?

Need some legal support but worried about crippling fees?

With Onyx, you’ll receive easy-to-understand documents and clear advice that helps you to achieve a real commercial result - more profit, reduced risk, compliance. We don’t have a ‘billing culture’ and we don’t inflate our services. We simply offer practical legal guidance and essential documents at an affordable price.

Why are we business focussed?

We also understand online business, e-commerce and entrepreneurship as we’re in the field ourselves. We help businesses like yours with advice that works.

What if I just need standard legal templates?

We recommend getting customised advice and documents to ensure you respond to all the specifics of your business and industry. There may be legal threats you face that a template document doesn’t shield you from. However, if you need basic templates for more straightforward purposes, check out Legaleasy.

Do I really need to speak to a lawyer?

It’s worthwhile to do a legal review to ensure your business is protected from its varied risks. Cybercrime, a public liability claim, a dispute with suppliers, website downtime, an inadvertent copyright infringment, under-insurance  or a regulatory breach can all harm, and some cases ruin, a business that you’ve worked hard to build up.

We want to help your business avoid the risks that it can. Let’s chat without obligation to see if there are issues you should address today. Alternatively we can help with specific legal tasks like creating a new business contract, protecting your intellectual property or setting up a new business structure.

Onyx: No-nonsense Legal Help

Our team are dedicated lawyers who have many years experience as business owners themselves. We know our work needs to offer you a return on investment. To do that, we provide advice and legal documents that offer better performance from your customers, suppliers and staff and build trust in your business. We make it easier for people to engage with you online and in-person. We also help to protect you from the ever growing range of legal threats – from cyber-crime, to customer disputes and more. Let’s safeguard your organisation, optimise its legal documents and make it easier for customers to do business with you. Contact us today for a no-obligation quick chat to find out how we can help. 

Companies & People we’ve Worked With

Working with Jeanette Jifkins from OnyxOnlineLaw is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I was referred to her from someone I held in very high regard and I have never looked back. After having an online business for almost 10 years, she’s been able to create legal documents for me, for numerous companies in such a professional manner. She always offers incredible support and guidance when dealing with legal matters that makes you feel comfortable and at ease when dealing with incredibly difficult situations.


Director, The Fitness Entourage

Thankyou Jeanette for that full explanation. I absolutely love it when someone fully explains topics as you have just done.

Michael Erbacher


Business News & Resources

10 Ways to Avoid a Joint Venture Fail

Joint Ventures are great for collaboration Working together with another like minded entrepreneur is a clever way to accelerate business growth, which is why joint ventures remain a popular way for individuals or organisations to collaborate. But before you ‘Give it Away’ (as there’s always room...

Using Copyright Material Online

What is copyright? Copyright is the legal protection given to any kind of work (eg writing, movies, website content) which has been created by a person.  Copyright gives the owner of the copyright in the works the exclusive rights to: reproduce the works publish, perform or otherwise introduce the...

The Alarming Rise of the Fake Self-Assessing Tax-Exempt Private Foundation in Australia

When a long standing business client of ours approached us for legal advice just after Christmas, querying the legality of providing intellectual property as a volunteer for the self-assessing tax-exempt private foundation he had established after significant research, we balked.

How can educated, intelligent individuals be misguided into believing that “personal sustenance” of the founder is a legitimate, tax free distribution? Or that a foundation is legitimate when its founding documents specifically deny the rule of law?

Need legal document templates?

Need legal document templates? Find out more about our Legaleasy services coming soon!