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Case Study 1


Client: Business Coach

Problem solved: Managing claims for Refunds

If you are providing a service that relies upon your client or customer accountability, you’re likely to have the occasional client who just doesn’t do what they say they will, and then blames you. We work with a lot of people who provide coaching services for health and fitness, wellness, life coaching and business coaching. All of them talk to us about client commitment and the difference between hourly rates and value of services.


We worked with a business coaching client to prepare a new service agreement for them. They offer a 12-week program that starts with the creation of a business plan. If the client does not prepare at least a draft business plan, the business coach cannot promise a completed business plan.

Within a month of having prepared that agreement our business coaching client was engaged by a woman running a sole trader business for his 12 weeks program. She took advantage of our client’s wisdom and knowledge over that period, meeting with him every week, but at the end requested a refund on the basis that she did not have a completed business plan. She had not prepared a draft at any stage. She threatened court action. Our client was able to clearly demonstrate, on the basis of the agreement we had drafted for him, that he had delivered everything he promised, within the confines of her failure to meet her promises. Her claim did not go any further.

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Case Study 2


Client: Wellness Coach

Problem solved: Inability to get insurance

If you’d like to share the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained through years of trial and error to help those who might be experiencing similar circumstances, it can be frustrating to establish your business and then find out that no one wants to insure you.

We had a client who, despite having no medical qualifications, had spent many years experimenting with different traditional and non-traditional remedies to successfully improve her own health challenges. She wanted to help others do the same by providing guidance as to what had worked for her, and what hadn’t and where to source what were, in her opinion, the best products or services to alleviate a variety of health conditions.


Without formal qualifications, she was unable to find an insurer who was prepared to cover the coaching services she was offering. We assisted her to prepare a very clear service agreement and associated disclaimer which explained her background and experience and the extent of services that she was offering. Her offering was more about providing access to curated resources than providing any form of health service. Due to the clarity with which we were able to explain her services, she was able to find an insurer prepared to cover her business.

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