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The Onyx difference

  • We ensure that any legal work you request has a clear business outcome.
  • We help you avoid spending on legal services that you don’t need.
  • We explain our work in clear language.
  • We empower you to be independent of us wherever possible.
  • We produce easy-to-understand contracts that build trust with your partners.
  • We identify risks that you may have missed and safeguard you from them.
  • We help you to present as and be a trustworthy and ethical business.

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To discuss the right business structure to suit your commercial goals, book a no obligation chat with one of our team.

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Onyx Legal is focused on helping you do business in our online world.

With Onyx, you’ll receive easy-to-understand documents and clear advice that helps you to achieve a real commercial result – more profit, reduced risk, and compliance. We don’t have a ‘billing culture’ and we don’t inflate our services. We simply offer practical legal guidance and essential documents at an affordable price