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COVID-19 and Signing Contracts

COVID-19 and Signing Contracts   Very few documents are legally required to have a 'wet' signature. That is a signature applied using pen and ink.  Most business contracts you enter into don't require a 'wet' signature and may not require a signature at all to be...

How to Deal with Threatening Legal Letters

Want to know how to handle nasty legal demands? I'm on the road in between meetings today and just thought I'd share a story with you. I was speaking to a friend earlier and they said, "Oh, that's such a great story. More people should know it." So I thought I'd share...

Get your contracts checked by a lawyer!

Why getting a contract checked by a lawyer can save you thousands! Today I wanted to share a quick thing with you about checking your contracts. We've got a client selling an aspect of their business. They're selling it for $230,000. So what they're selling is not...

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The minimum legal terms you NEED for your website

The minimum legal terms you NEED for your website

Website Terms and Conditions Today we're talking about the minimum legal terms you need for your website. The reason you would have a legal terms on your website is to reduce the risk to your business, so it's not a small thing. It's actually really important to the...

1st thing to consider when BUYING/ SELLING your online business

1st thing to consider when BUYING/ SELLING your online business

When you buy a business you need to understand if you are also buying the intellectual property  What we'd like to talk to you about today is why copyright makes the online world a more interesting place. I know that's difficult for some people because there's a lot...

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