Alicia Dodemont


Alicia Dodemont

Before becoming a lawyer, Alicia trained as a classical pianist at the Queensland Conservatorium, worked as a business manager at Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra and ran her own small business as a music teacher.

Those experiences sparked an interest in the copyright side of creative life, prompting her to qualify as a lawyer focusing on copyright law and intellectual property rights. She’s now studying a Masters of Intellectual Property Law at the University of Melbourne.

For 6 years, Alicia worked at the University of Queensland, advising on intellectual property, research, contract, commercial, compliance and governance law matters, and the initiation of international institutional partnerships. As a naturally curious person with a deeply ingrained love of learning, Alicia greatly enjoyed working with academics from a wide range of disciplines.

Alicia advises on many aspects of intellectual property law including trademarks, licenses (including Creative Commons) and copyright issues including ‘orphaned works’, fair dealing rights and use of works in online exhibitions.

Matters are rarely cut and dried when it comes to copyright law. It’s a changing field and the law is often open to interpretation.

With a strong background in the creative arts herself, Alicia understands how vulnerable and stressed her clients feel when a copyright dispute seems to threaten their creative works. Her clients benefit greatly from her pragmatic advice, sense of humour and belief that most things can be fixed.

When she’s not working or studying, Alicia is happiest riding horses, something she’s loved doing since childhood. She’s also been learning Japanese and is keen to rebook a COVID-cancelled family holiday to Japan as soon as borders reopen.

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