1st thing to consider when BUYING/ SELLING your online business

1st thing to consider when BUYING/ SELLING your online business

1st thing to consider when BUYING/ SELLING your online business

When you buy a business you need to understand if you are also buying the intellectual property 

What we’d like to talk to you about today is why copyright makes the online world a more interesting place. I know that’s difficult for some people because there’s a lot of people out there that say, “Hey, I can find it available for free. Why should I have to pay for it?

Well, copyright started originally to protect the people who create education and entertainment for us to encourage them to continue to do so. You can imagine that if people didn’t receive an income for creating the things they create, we probably wouldn’t see a lot of them. Think about the big movies, touring musicians or best selling books for example.

Another thing about copyright is that there’s no copyright in ideas.

Consider this – there are an awful lot of videos, TV programs, movies about zombies. That’s because zombies are not a protected idea; it’s just a concept.

There is however, copyright in each motion picture, the script behind each motion picture, the music that goes with the motion picture, the stills that can be created out of the motion picture.

All of that kind of information attracts different rights under copyright.

There’s a whole lot to this topic, and we do want to share a lot more information for you, check out or article about using copyright material, but that’s enough for today.¬†

How can Onyx Legal help you?

Do you need heads of agreement or a contract for buying an online business or selling an online business? Does it cover copyright materials or other intellectual property? There are lots of basic templates around that simply do not protect your interests. If the transaction involves more money than you can afford to lose, book an appointment for help with your contract and the transaction.